I Started Drawing Again

So a few days ago, the kids and I were watching the first episode of American Idol 2020 Auditions. Omg, you guys, I hate to admit it but I LOVE that show. The music, the raw talent, the dreams coming true…What’s not to love!

It kind of got me thinking about singing and how much of it I used to do when I was younger. In fact, I’ll share an embarrassing little thing about me. I, Brigitte, auditioned for the very first season of Canadian Idol. LOL!!!!!

It was such a fun experience. I got a “yes” from Sass Jordan, a “maybe” from one guy (can’t remember his name) and a “no” from the other guy (can’t remember his name either). Then guy number 1 changed his answer to a “no”, and thus, I’m not a famous rock star today.

you missed out

Anyway, the whole thing was a lot of fun. My ego wasn’t crushed, my life didn’t come to an end, I’m still a good-ish singer which my family appreciates. At times. Sometimes.

Most of the time my kids just ask me to be quiet. LOL

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking about talent, and some of the other things I’m good at. I’ve always had a bit of an artistic flair. Back in high school, my favorite subject apart from Spanish, was Art.

I’m a little sad to say that I haven’t really kept up with either of those two things in my adulthood, unless you count cake decorating as art. I do, but it’s not the same kind of art that really used to get my heart pumping and blood flowing back when I was teen. My absolute favorite thing in the world back then was drawing. I used to spend hours a day doing it.

God, I loved to draw.

With February coming along and bringing with it a big dose of writer’s block (blagh), I’ve found myself puttering around the house looking for other things to do while I try to recapture the writing bug.

So one morning when I found myself bored out of my face, I picked up a pencil and just…started drawing.

I started off with a sketch of a female face — that has always been my favorite thing to draw. Even back in my first year of Art at school, it was something I was really drawn to (no pun intended).

Fifteen year old me made this drawing and I can still remember the immense pride I felt when I got a note back from the teacher saying this was one of the best renditions of this woman that he had ever seen from one of his students.

Drawing by teeny tiny fifteen year old baby Brigitte

I kind of hate that I look back on this drawing now and a small part of me thinks, huh, it wasn’t really all that great, was it? That’s the critical side of me talking. It’s that nasty little voice inside my head that often tells me I’m not good enough. I get it with writing as well. It’s probably the reason for this current writing funk I’m in.

Go away, mean little voice! No one wants you here! Shoo! Scat! 

Anyway. I know that when I look at this old drawing, I need to remember that I was still just a kid learning new coloring techniques and I have to give Little Brigitte a bloody break! The fact that my teacher praised it so highly should be enough. It is enough. Thanks, M. Lambert, for your awesome encouragement. 

So I decided to try my hand at drawing people again and wanted to learn some new techniques on how to make more realistic looking faces. I started with an eye, then a mouth. Next up is nose and hair. Not nose hair, but two very separate things. lol

I admit that I followed some YouTube tutorials, but am SO happy with the results!

Turns out I’ve still kinda got it.

Drawing by thirty seven year old Brigitte

I’ll be framing these and hanging them up in my new writing office to remind myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.

But enough about me!

What are some of the things you’re good at? Maybe it’s singing. Maybe it’s magic tricks. Maybe it’s skipping rocks. Maybe it’s being really awesome at your job! Everyone is good at something and I want to know all about it! Don’t be shy! We’re all allowed a little moment to brag and we’re entitled to feel good about ourselves, darn it. So comment below, you awesome, talented, gifted person you!


7 thoughts on “I Started Drawing Again”

  1. Brigitte – Yes, you are definitely a great artist! You always seem to show us that talent no matter which challenge comes your way. You’re so dedicated & amazing at it, and I admire you for that. Between hair styling, cake decorating, designing our home, and writing, you definitely rock as an artist. Do not ever stop!

    Bianca – You absolutely take after your mom. You’re a talented artist too, and you always amaze me. Sometimes, when I’m just walking around the house, I see your drawings laying on a table, and every single time, I’m amazed! So cool that you’re also able to do such cool drawings on the computer!

    Fiona – You’re right that you have a great talent for music and learning languages. I also like mom’s comment about you knowing every little detail about animals. I’m pretty sure you will spend a good time travelling the world before opening your own vet clinic (where we will get free vet services for Nessie, of course!)

    Now for me. I find it challenging to pinpoint a specific thing that I’m especially talented at. Nothing really speaks to me that way, aside from business management or work-related stuff. I’m great at that, and proud of it. I just wish it was something funner!

    Great post, and I hope more people share their stories. 🙂

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    1. Aw! Thanks babe! You are good at so many things! Dad jokes, dancing, board games, MATH, Fact Or Crap, falling asleep in 6.2 seconds, the list goes on and on! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Hi mom…
    You made us do this, so here goes nothing:
    I’m good at drawing too (I mean I am your daughter…)! I love watching videos to then recreate the art on my screen. I’ve done a few drawings and they turned out really amazing! When we do an art project at school, people always come up to me in class while I’m making my art to tell me that they find my art so beautiful! It’s not only my friends that do that, it’s people that actually think I’m really good. Sometimes when I’m bored, weather I’m watching TV or if I have literally done nothing for the past hour, I take one of my sketchbooks and I look around to get ideas of what to draw.
    You know what else I’m really good at?
    Making everyone LAUGH. At school, I could just look at her and my best friend would explode if laughter. I make my other friends laugh and I make my family laugh too! I love seeing the smile on everyone’s faces when I say a joke. It makes me feel special. 🤩🥰☺️


    1. You are definitely an amazing artist! I always love watching you hunker down with your sketchbook and come up with drawings I NEVER could have managed at your age. It doesn’t surprise me at all that people come up to you and compliment your work. You have so much talent! Never, ever stop!
      And, yes, you are SO funny! You make us laugh all the time! And you know what else? You’re an amazing hairstylist! You come up with all these great hairdos that you do on your mannequin head. I’m always so impressed. If you don’t end up becoming a famous artist or a high flying business woman in Paris, you definitely could have a promising career as a stylist to the stars! xxoo


  3. Hello! It’s your daughter. I’m good in Spanish, I am great at Math and Music and even better at skiing. I love challenging myself and I often get a good result out of it and, although my drawings aren’t the BEST, I still admire the work I put in to it.


    1. I love this! You’re SO right, Fi. You’re amazing at Spanish, Math and Music, and I love how adventurous, brave and TALENTED you are at skiing. But you forgot some things! You’re also really doing great with your Arabic studies (which you’re learning on your own!), and you’re a natural at anything and everything to do with animals. Life has a LOT in store for you! xxoo


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