Check In: How’s Your Quarantine Going?

A few weeks ago, I said I was taking the month off to focus on the family during the school closure. That was back when I thought school would only be closed for two weeks and we’d be back to our regularly scheduled programming by now.

Ah. How young and naive I was then. *shakes head ruefully*

So. We’ve all had a few weeks to adjust to this new way of life, temporary as it is, and come to terms with it—or not. These are scary, uncertain times, my peeps. Quarantine-ing isn’t fun (seriously, it’s the pits), so I’m really appreciating the good-news stuffs, the warm-n-fuzzy stories, and the hilarious memes and videos flooding my social media feeds. I honestly find myself bursting into my husband’s office a hundred times a day to show him all the funny internet things I’ve come across.

“Look, LOOK babe!” I shout at him, thrusting my phone in his face. “This meme is sooo us right now! Hahaaa!”

Thank goodness he loves me.

I’m choosing to cling on to all the hope, the humor, and the human decency I can get right now, be it at my husband’s productivity’s expense. Because when you see the death numbers climbing daily in the news, or empty shelves at the grocery store, or get into arguments with family and friends about social distancing, it’s very easy to succumb to feelings of sadness, anger, and fear.

So I’m trying to stay positive.

More than ever, I feel so grateful that I’m a writer and haven’t lost a job like many others have. I’m grateful that my husband’s consulting career allows him to work from home and hasn’t been affected negatively by this pandemic. I’m grateful my children don’t have any disabilities and are handling this quarantine like champs. I’m grateful for our comfortable and spacious home, our fenced-in backyard, our friendly neighbourhood, our stocked pantry and internet access. I’m so grateful for our continued health.

All in all, we are really lucky compared to so many others. I have absolutely nothing to complain about aside from some mild cabin fever.

“So, Brigitte, what have you and your healthy privileged ass been doing to keep busy during the quarantine?” you’re surely asking yourselves.


Brace yourselves! It’s not very exciting.

  1. I baked chocolate chip cookies THREE times.
  2. We took out our bicycles despite there still being some snow on the ground.
  3. I made a wonderfully embarrassing Home Hair Dying Tutorial video for a friend. hair dying
  4. I made cinnamon rolls. TIP: Slice cinnamon roll in half, butter both sides, pan fry buttered side until golden and serve with cream cheese and jam. You’re welcome.
  5. I read three 500+ page books and am now on my fourth.
  6. I made homemade glazed Timbits (“donut holes” for you non-Canadians)
  7. I tried Dalgona coffee for the first time and it was AMAZING. Recipe here.
  8. I started watching Tiger King (like everyone else on the internet) and am…intrigued.
  9. I signed up for Yale’s most popular free online course, The Science Of Well Being. I recommend you do too! Link for free course here.
  10. We Zoomed with friends a few times! YAY! (We miss you guys!)
  11. I made an appointment to donate blood. If your town, city, province, state, country is in need of blood right now, please do your part and make your way to your nearest blood donation center if you’re able to donate!
  12. We’ve driven to friends’ houses to wave at them and say hello from outside, keeping a safe distance away.
  13. I’ve done a few crossword puzzles.
  14. I’ve written a little bit. Not a lot.
  15. I’ve gone to bed early and slept in. Zzzzz….
  16. I’ve made breakfast for dinner…a lot.
  17. I drank some tasty beer from our home selection.  beer
  18. We dropped off some of said beer to friends to try. (We left the beer at their door and disinfected the cans).
  19. I cleaned the main floor like a maniac, then gave up on the rest of the house.
  20. I caught up on season 4 of Workin’ Moms.
  21. I made my most unhealthy and aptly named Heart Attack Mac & Cheese, a family fave around here. Heart Attack Mac
  22. I bbq’ed some burgers on the grill. Ahhh, the simple joys.
  23. We have NOT hoarded any supplies or food, because we are not selfish jerks.
  24. I have eaten more than my fair share of homemade Timbits (because I am a selfish jerk)
  25. I have regularly disturbed my working friends by sending a lot of check-in texts filled with GIFs and memes, and have laughed audibly at my own messages.
  26. I’ve made my bed every single day of the quarantine. I AM AMAZING!
  27. I started journaling my daily gratitudes.
  28. I’ve been reading The Secret Garden aloud to my 11 year old, who can read perfectly well on her own but enjoys the special one-on-one bonding time. As do I, kiddo. As do I.
  29. I dyed and trimmed my daughter’s hair. Pastel blue really suits her!
  30. I wrote this post! Yay me!

Now I want to hear from you guys! What positive things have you been doing to pass the time during this quarantine? Any great recipes you want to share? Any cool shows you’ve gotten into? Fun activities you’ve done on your own or as a family? Comment below!

And most importantly…Stay safe and healthy, my friends! xxoo

10 thoughts on “Check In: How’s Your Quarantine Going?”

  1. Love your list! I’ve taken walks in the forest near our home, baked bread, enrolled in a fiction writing class, Zoomed with friends and colleagues, gardened, read, journaled, and worked my day job from home. Not so bad, really.

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  2. Just reading the list makes my heart happy 🙂 We’ve done many of the same things, including chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls. Virtual carb appreciating high-five! I’ve been really excited by the fact that I set my Goodreads goal at 100 books and I’m already at 64.

    Liked by 1 person

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