Meet Brigitte

I’m an author, baker, wife, and mom of two amazing girls. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I moved to Gatineau, Quebec in the summer of 2010, where I now live―and write!―with my hubby (Mitch), my kids (Fiona and Bianca), and our two crazy furballs, Fidèle CATstro and Nessie the Chessie.

I’ve worked in several different fields throughout my life, ranging from hairstyling, cake decorating, running a daycare…But mostly I’ve worked in the highly uninteresting and mind-numbing world of administration. I’m a creative person by nature and writing has been a incredible outlet for me. I officially started writing my novel when I turned thirty, feeling that terrible pressure of getting older and needing to accomplish something more than just pushing endless streams of paperwork. It was an idea I had rolling around in my head for years, but it was blowing out those thirty candles that finally made me sit down and commit those first few words to paper. 

Today, I’m fortunate to be able to run my home bakery, Cakes by Chocodella, full time and work on my novel simultaneously. Not that I always do. Life calls and there are things to do, kids to rear, projects to finish, more and more cakes to bake! But I always come back to my writing. It’s such a fun and exciting process, getting to see my imagination come to life on paper and watching my characters grow so much they’ve actually become real to me. I couldn’t be more grateful to call this my job.

Now that the kids are older and I’m working from home, I’ve had the opportunity and time to reconnect with some of my other passions. I love to bake (duh) and cook. I have over ten years of successful meal planning under my belt and all the recipes to go with it, which I’m finally compiling into an exciting project! I spend a surprising amount of my free time planning and drawing up design sketches for our upcoming home renovations (tentatively set for 2020, and includes a gorgeous new writing office for me!). We travel. I draw sometimes. I read. A lot.

And now I want to share it all with you. Thanks so much for stopping by and if you like what you see, join the ride and follow along!